Heating & Air Conditioning Q & A

Does my air conditioner and furnace need maintenance?

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Yes, a typical HVAC system will run the equivalent of 130,000 miles in one year. would you drive your car for 65,000 miles without maintenance? We provide 2 visits per year to maintain your system in good working order. If your system fails we will return at no cost.  please look at our maintenance agreement and contact us with any questions.

What type of air filter should I use?

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Not that one! Some filters dont filter... some filter too much. So, how do you know. That is where we come in. We test the static pressure of your air flow system to ensure maximum airflow and air filtration. Do you have allergies, asthma, breathing issues?  We have the best filters on the market today.We can make your home a clean room.  click below to review our partners in clean air. #howsyourair

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